Beverage Vending Machines Throughout Toronto, Ontario

We offer the best selection of beverages including enhanced waters and carbonated classics.

Popular beverages. Professional service. Pleased employees.

Receive a customized beverage vending machine or beverage program created from the experts — Canteen Canada. Our dedicated team of route drivers is highly trained, delivering exceptional service to each of our Toronto, Ontario customers.

Enjoy state-of-the-art beverage vending machines that add reliability and greater value to your break room. It’s an ideal way to help employees or guests stay hydrated and happy.

At Canteen Canada we know
what Toronto drinks.


Quench your thirst with one of the classic sodas varieties you know and love.

Coca-Cola Products


Whether you prefer diet or regular, we have the carbonated options to satisfy your tastes.

Pepsi Products


From still to vitamin enhanced, our line of bottled waters includes a variety of healthy beverages.

Bottled Water


Give hydration a boost with water infused by flavor, available in a broad range of options.

Flavored Water


Drink up with beverages packed full of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.



Reward your hard work while replacing much needed electrolytes with the best names in sports drinks.

Sports Drinks


Punch through everyday beverages with options that energize, improve focus, and wake you up.

Energy Drinks


It’s time to embrace cold drinks, whether it’s iced tea, iced coffee, or cold brew bottled beverages.

Teas & Ready to Drink Coffee


Choose a beverage that does more than hydrate, but adds protein, probiotics, or antioxidants.

New Age Beverages

Hot beverages without the hassle

Canteen Canada offers hot beverage vending machines that create a cup of coffee while the user waits. The sophisticated equipment allows customization by size, strength, and additions such as cream, sugar, or even flavoring. We can even include the option to brew hot chocolates and cappuccinos. All drinks are made inside the machine, eliminating human error and mess.

Crown your beverage vending machine program the best in Toronto, Ontario with beverages from Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or email

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