Tasty drinks using water filtration in Toronto, Ontario

Personalized water from still to sparkling

The bevi water system meets today’s needs by delivering customizable water beverages to your employees and customers.

Enhance your break room with quality water beverages. The bevi water system from Canteen Canada has everything you could want from quality filters that remove impurities to flavors and carbonation that allow for unique, personalized beverages. It’s an eco-friendly way to provide healthy, water-based drinks to your Toronto, Ontario employees and guests.


Time to sparkle

Add flavors and carbonation to filtered water to give it that extra umph to make it a truly special beverage.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Carbon-enhanced filters

Connected to your water line, the system then filters water through activated carbon for the best taste.


Smart vending machine

The bevi is connected online, automatically creating orders when flavors and carbonation need to be restocked.


Environmentally friendly

As a system that refills bottles or cups, the bevi water cooler reduces the carbon footprint associated with bottles

Explore our favorite sweetened and unsweetened bevi water cooler flavors.

Bring the latest healthy water beverages to your Toronto, Ontario business with a bevi from Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or canteen.info@compass-canada.com.