Office Coffee Service in Toronto, Ontario

Perk up employee productivity with specialty coffee and flavorful tea options

Let Canteen Canada exceed your expectations with our full line of break room supplies, including coffee, tea, vending machines, and more. We offer both traditional and single cup solutions, depending on your office coffee service preference. Choose brand name coffee or our quality private label coffee with a superior flavor profile but lower price than national brands.

We maintain dedicated office coffee service routes, so employees are focused on the service and products that you need. Choose from an extensive inventory of coffee service items such as creamers, sugars, stir sticks, paper products, cups, or anything you need. We take the worry and hassle of the break area off the office manager’s shoulders while still creating an on-site place employees and guests can recharge with the coffee or tea they want.


Create a more satisfying coffee and tea service experience with expert know-how from Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or

Bring the coffee shop to your break room with our full line office coffee service.

Bring the coffee shop to your break room with our full line office coffee service.

Every Flavor for Every Taste

Coffee service in Toronto, Ontario

Coffee Products

From premium name brands to our superior private label, we have the coffee options to fit your needs.

Tea service in Toronto, Ontario

Tea Products

We carry all the top-selling brands and tea varieties, including black tea, green tea, Oolong, and more.

Single cup coffee service in Toronto, Ontario

Single Cup Solutions

Choose single cup when you want more coffee variety for users from a single coffee brewing machine.

Water filtration service in Toronto, Ontario

Water Filtration Services

Modern bottle less water coolers offer clean, refreshing water without the hassle of storing or lifting 5 gallon jugs.