Office Coffee Service & Tea in Toronto, Ontario

Tea is increasingly popular for its delicate flavors and reported health benefits

Inspire creativity with natural and delicious tea choices employees can savor at work

Don’t wait to bring tea service into your Toronto, Ontario business. Canteen Canada offers the varieties that people want most, from the antioxidant rich green tea to aromatic herbal brews. Younger employees and guests are drinking more tea in the workplace, making tea an important part of corporate benefit programs if businesses want to keep employees on site.

Our tea line includes popular brand names such as Bigelow, Lipton, Tazo, and many more. We offer an expansive variety including green tea, black, tea, Oolong tea, and herbal tea. Plus we can provide all the cups, sweeteners, and other additions to make your tea offering really stand out. Let our expert staff help create a personalized tea bar right in your break room.

Top Quality Tea With Exceptional Flavor

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