Food Vending Machines Throughout Toronto, Ontario

Give your employees the benefit of having fresh food in the break room.

Fresh food that rivals Toronto, Ontario fast food and restaurants.

Don’t force your employees off site, when you could inspire them to eat lunch at work. With the Canteen Canada food vending machine program there are over 100 items available, making it one of the largest food vending machine offerings in Toronto, Ontario. All items are made daily at a local commissary operated in adherence to strict food safety standards.

Employees can refresh and recharge with delicious options from Canteen Canada. We do all the work, including rotating the menu and customizing it to your location. Our innovative food vending machines display the food, ensure proper temperature controls, and deliver it allowing employees to stay on premises.

Let us deliver an unbeatable variety of delicious, freshly made food to your vending machine.

Keep morale and productivity high with a food vending machine program from Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or email