Healthy Vending Machines Throughout Toronto, Ontario

Where professional vending service meets corporate wellness

Canteen Canada believes that the health and wellness of your employees, customers and guests is important. That is why we have taken our experience with vending machine service in the Toronto, Ontario area and combined it with the very best available healthy snacks, beverages, and food to create a healthy vending machine program alternative. Look for our healthy product logo to easily identify the machines and products that meet better-for-you nutritional standards.

We specialize in offering more than just nutritious products, but also the service that goes with them. We can identify best sellers, tailor the healthy product selection to your Toronto, Ontario location and even do a mix of healthy and traditional options to ensure employees, customers and guests have a choice. We also offer the services of a registered dietician who can help answer any questions you may have about healthy snacking or supporting corporate wellness in the workplace.

Healthy Vending Machines Throughout Toronto, Ontario

Experience in healthy vending machine programs at schools, hospitals, and businesses.

It is important to keep Toronto, Ontario healthy. That is why Canteen Canada vending has partnered with many schools, healthcare facilities, and wellness-focused businesses to deliver a successful healthy vending machine program. Our items meet nutritional standards and are identified by a healthy vending logo for easy recognition. Modern, reliable vending machines deliver your pick of our healthy vending machine products with ease.

Healthy schools and hospitals in Toronto, Ontario

Healthy options to meet all your employee, student, or guest’s needs.

Work with veterans of vending as your partners in bringing healthy vending to Toronto — Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or email