Self-Serve Kiosk in Toronto, Ontario

Upgrade your break room to a refreshment destination

Don’t settle for ordinary refreshment service at your large Toronto facility. Canteen Canada offers the latest concept in self-checkout technology producing an open concept mini store right on site. Employees love being able to examine the options before purchasing, plus, with the shelves and glass-front coolers, there is room for more drinks, snacks, and food products. Each market is designed specifically for your workplace from dozens of delicious healthier nutritious choices to great food made at a local commissary.

The revolutionary open micro-market concept will set your Toronto business apart. Plus, it eliminates the loss of money at a vending machine. There are virtually no service calls on micro-markets and the advanced technology automatically creates reports so we can service your micro-market exactly when it needs it.

Toronto’s newest concept in the break room is also a valued employee perk.

Now employees can enjoy more of the snacks, food, and drinks they want without leaving your business for breaks.


Food is make daily in Toronto to ensure it’s fresh and crafted to meet the preferences of local tastes.


Shelves and coolers mean room for hundreds of products that employees can review before purchase.


The easy-to-use kiosk offers cashless payment options and automatically generates reports for restocking.


Develop a micro-market menu that fulfills your company’s needs, from healthier items to more fresh food.

Tailored, open concept break room refreshment for today’s Toronto businesses.

Transform your break room into a destination that saves employees time, makes them feel special, and increases productivity.

Opt for a micro-market solution in order to enjoy the best workplace refreshment in Toronto. Contact Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or