Pantry Services in Toronto, Ontario

Pantry Service Solutions for your business

A unique spin on conventional vending

Ready to make your break room stand out? Canteen Canada has a solution that not only increases productivity by refreshing employees on site, but also is less expense than other benefits, such as wage increases. Canteen Canada will create an open-market pantry in your break room. Imagine sophisticated open shelving, bright glass front coolers, and aesthetically pleasing displays full of trendy and healthy food, snack, and beverage options.

These customized pantry markets allow your employees unrestricted access to free foods and beverages — a benefit research shows is highly prized by employees. Canteen Canada will then bill your company monthly for the pantry service and products while handling all the logistics of delivering new products to your workplace. It is a great way to keep employees happy, engaged, and onsite, plus promotes healthy living with nutritious yet delicious items.

Let us help improve employee culture

Enjoy a boost in employee morale for a lower cost than other work benefits with Pantry Service from Canteen Canada at 866-292-8363 or email

  • Customized Programs

    Select the snack, food, or drink items that will appeal most to your employees from traditional to healthier options. We have them all and will tailor the selection to be just want you need.

  • Great Fringe Benefits

    Pantry service is less expensive than increasing wages, but highly effective in making employees feel appreciated and valued. It adds real value to any employee benefit package.

  • Healthy and Nutritious

    Choose from our wide variety of items that fit a better-for-you category which supports your corporate wellness initiatives. These are specially selected items that meet recognized standards.

  • The Ultimate Breakroom

    Give your Toronto break room an upgrade that makes it work for your business as an employee perk that refreshes and inspires. It will wow employees and earn you a great reputation.

  • Your Pantry Service Partner

    Never worry about service because Canteen Canada is available 24/7 to address all your needs. We deliver just the products you need and maintain the equipment for a hassle-free solution.

  • Convenience

    Pantry service is your easy solution to an enhanced break room that delivers the go-to products employees are looking for. Ensure what your employees want is at their fingertips.