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Build the ideal vending refreshment program from our countless options

Canteen Canada is a vending solution provider that truly has it all. Our experienced staff listens to your needs and develops a refreshment program to match. Customize as you go from our wide selection of healthy and traditional snack, beverage, and food options, including plenty of fresh items from our local commissary. We are the go to vending provider in Toronto, Ontario thanks to dependable service and only placing state-of-the-art vending machines.

Select the right vending solution

We cater to the needs of your Toronto, Ontario business whether you want traditional vending, subsidized vending, or free vending service

  • Traditional Vending

  • Let us handle everything with this employee pay vending service option, including placing the equipment and restocking with popular products.

    • Web connected vending machines
    • Credit/debit card and mobile acceptance
    • No cost way to offer refreshment
    • Reliable service 24 hours a day

  • Subsidized Vending

  • Upgrade your vending machines by sponsoring some or all of the products, reducing the cost to employees.

    • Encourage healthy eating habits at work
    • Convenient and cost effective for workers
    • Builds appreciation for the employer
    • Customize the choices for the perfect mix

  • Free Vending

  • Pay for food and drinks to be offered in the break room for free and watch employees work harder and be happier.

    • Sets your Toronto, Ontario company apart
    • Eliminates employee trips off site
    • Increases productivity and morale
    • We handle all ordering and stocking

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