Canteen Canada sets the standard for full service vending machines, micro-markets and gourmet coffee and tea service.

We have been serving the workers of Toronto for more than 42 years. We invest in the latest technology to ensure your vending machine experience is exceptional. Enjoy flexible payment options with vending machines that accept cash, credit/debit card, and mobile payments. Built-in infrared sensors detect if a product is delivered and if not, trigger an automatic refund. Wireless technology allows us to know which products need to be restocked before we leave the warehouse.

No one does service better. Highly trained staff regular restocks your vending machine with today’s top selling snacks, beverages, and food. Vending machines and coffee brewers are cleaned regularly, at least once week. Experience exceptional customer service for the best hassle free vending and coffee service in Toronto.

Your Premier Vending and Office Coffee & Tea Supplier throughout Ontario, Canada

Choose the company that fully understands the refreshment needs of the Toronto business — Canteen Canada at at 866-292-8363

Toronto’s one stop for vending machines, coffee service, and all your break room needs.


Hundreds of products are available in this open concept approach to workplace refreshment with a self-checkout kiosk.

Green Initiatives

Canteen Canada focuses on the environment by recycling and saving electricity via energy star equipment and LED lighting.

Office Coffee Service

Brew up a delicious national brand coffee or the Canteen Canada value coffee that still delivers superior taste.


Empower your employees and guests with nutritious snacks, beverages, and foods right in your break room.


We develop a service solution only after understanding your specific wants and needs for workplace refreshment.


Each vending machine has a QR code where users can report a problem or indicate a needed refund.


Long-time vending machine, coffee service, and micro-market experts dedicated to the Toronto area.


Craft a unique menu in your vending machine that reflects the preferences and tastes of your employees and guests.


Enjoy the convenience of paying with more than cash, but also credit/debit card as well as mobile device.